To bible journal or not to bible journal??

Well, I have decided to start bible journaling. I have pondered the thought for about a month now. To journal or not to journal was eating me up inside. I jumped in!! I purchased my Inspire Bible from Nicely priced at $14.84. This bible already has over 400 pages ready for color. Then there are lots for your own designs. I didn’t want to use the bible just as coloring book.

DSCF2327IMG_7280It is a creative way to journal your prayer time in a creative way. There are tons of entries on the big www showing lots of beautiful art. Hopefully my art will become that beautiful one day. But if not it’s ok and God will still love me. I don’t have a bible study plan yet but I am seeking. Pinterest has some great ideas for steps and process and helps. SO I plan to start there to. Facebook has several groups to join for lots of support also. So with fingers crossed and I will find a great routine to learn to do my bible study and be creative along the way.

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