NetGalley & Book Reads & More

I did join NetGalley and I received a member reader button. I hear it changes the more you read. I have read one book from there. It was called The Empty Chair by Penny Goetjen. It is still available to read if you haven’t gotten it yet. It was a nice mystery read about a daughter looking for her mother. Thats all I will say It was a good book to follow and in a great setting of the Carribean. I have others that I have requested and received, A Margin of Lust by Greta Boris and, If The Creek Don’t Rise by Leia Weiss. I haven’t started them yet because I am half way through Heartless by Marissa Meyer. She is the queen of The Lunar Chronicles. I will be obtaining the rest of them here from Book Outlet. They are Cinder, Scarlet, Winter, Fairest, Stars Above. I have also been told that I should try Dorothy Must Die series by another avid reader. I have read that they are a take off of Dorothy after Oz. I will have to check them out. Along with all of my other hobbies I try to keep active in numerous things, sometimes maybe to much. I have also completed my 3rd monthly quilt block. I am also looking forward to the 12th one! Thanks Sally & Joyce for the fun travels to Marietta to Tiny Stitches to obtain these beauties. I am always looking forward to our travel day. Ok I got plenty to do so off to the hobby world!


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