Goodbye 2016 (soon)

We are about to embark on a new year. So with that said my new year thing is to love my self more, craft more, read more, do a much better filing of computer files and pictures than 2016 and before. I am starting a 2017 Good Reads book challenge. I have added a lot of new book to my list. Hopefully I will succeed. I have also joined Netgalley to incorporate more new reads to my library as well. I am starting a memory journal where I plan to jot down thoughts of the day as well as what happened. Wish me luck on the woman “Dear Diary” concept! I never got into the adult coloring books. Not saying I won’t, but so far its not in my future. I plan on crafting more to. Along with that I am still scrapbooking and love it dearly. I am hoping that me and my family relationships will grow stronger with the new year coming. Thanks for the thought to read here. Look for me soon to be blogging about the new book reads!



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