Summer… Where did it go??

Well, the summer time off is slowly declining.  😦   The sounds of school buses, school bells, kids on the streets will diminish to evening times. It’s somewhat bittersweet but yet a little satisfying. I personally had a great summer. And I still have almost 4 weeks before I HAVE to get up at 5am… Yeah not happy about that time by no means. I started my summer break with attacking my dining room walls. Yep I tackled a paint job. After 3 audio books and 1 gallon of Kiltz and 1 gallon of cream paint that much needed task became finished. And it is so much brighter and prettier. I have decided to paint the pantry door the same color also. Just haven’t gotten that done yet. I WILL I PROMISE!!!

Don’t let me forget what the neighbor trashed!! Well this was tossed on the side of the road. Just before a monsoon rain came I rescued it. Then I tackled it for days in the carport. Primed and painted it diligently. Then I accepted a final color. White of course. It was almost a week before I finally moved it into the house. I was still working on the dining room!! After getting that completed the hutch arrived. I them made it feel much better by giving it some nice things to display!! What ya think? Thanks to my neighbors. One mans trash turned into treasure. Hey what ya got out on your street?

IMG_5710 IMG_6033

Thanks for reading, Victoria



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