Happy Birthday?

Just reached that milestone in my life. Becoming 50 yrs young today April 22. Personally it’s just a number. I have always felt like it is up to the individual as to how they look, act, feel. To me if you act like a older person you will be that older person. I refuse to be that way. I want to be able to chase my grandkids as long as I can. So come on you ole’ couch critter sitters, get up and move. I know I am not in the best healthy shape ever or as most people. I do walk up my street every night. Yes I walk in the cold and only sprinkles. But I do work in my garden, I cut grass with my hubby, I plant flowers, and don’t for get the de-weeding process. We trimmed a lot in our yard a couple of weeks ago. And seriously I could barely lift a water bottle after the first day. But the second day we trimmed more and the pain eased up. I slept super great all of those evening to. But mainly I wanted to post that it is my birthday today and yes I am proud to say that I am 50. Thank you to all of my friends who wished me a happy birthday and thank you to my wonderful family that I get the chance to share it with. ~Victoria~



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