To Pinterest or not to Pinterest

Ok you all have probably been there at least one time or another right? Well, I catch myself looking at least every day. Maybe to just see whats happening on the beginning page or maybe to actually search ideas to save for a later use.. YEAH RIGHT!! Tha is another thing we all look, and look, and look. Pin those pictures, save them in lots of neatly categorized folders and files in our own little collection world. Only to find out that we will never go back and look at them again. So really what is Pinterest used for.. Oh wait I think I have it figured out. It’s a secret ploy to get us to waste an hour or two browsing through lots of things and we for some reason can’t think for ourselves? Then to save the photo and create tons of clutter cloud space to never look at again. Ok I am a Pinterest gal to I like it a lots. But come on peeps can’t we find other things to do instead of random searches for “things”.

pinterest logo


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