January Cross Stitch Wrap Up

I have been a super busy stitcher!! I have found a new craft LOVE! This hobby is a small one to me and I am super addicted to it!! Thanks to all the enablers out there in You Tube Flosstube land!! You know who all you are!! Any way below is a SAL (Stitch Along) for 2017. It is released little by little every month. Jan 2017 is finished, it is the pink rosette one. They also have a 2018 going on also if you want to join in. Then here came the cute little Cafe from Country Cottage Needleworks Main Street Cafe. WOW oh WOW. Loved this one!! Looking forward to the rest in the series!! Getting ready for Summer came Lizzy Kate. This chart was super cute and very easy to stitch. And it went very fast!  To finalize the group was Snow Day’s again from Country Cottage Needle works. Wonderful to stitch on some donated fabric from a quilty friend. Thanks Priscilla Sparks!! Now I am preparing the month of February for some awesome charts. Looking forward to my SAL from Linens and Threads and a new chart from Little House Needleworks, it is the sheep series. And hopefully my Little House Needleworks Farm Series will be coming soon! Well thank for checking out my finishes. #countrycottageneedleworks #CCN #lizzykate #littlehouseneedleworks #crossstitch



The new year is here, FINALLY!! I am super looking forward to the new year. Had tons of ups and downs in 2017 so I am looking forward to more ups in this new year. I spent my New Year’s Eve with my wonderful husband and two well behaved doggies cross stitching a great little mystery stitch. I have joined so many new cross stitch groups due to me starting this new hobby. The stitch I worked on last night was released my a FB group named NYE MYSTERY SAL. Thanks to Galdra Stafir for creating this chart. The stitch was started on New Year’s Eve and will officially end today. a new mystery was released every 3 hours. It was thrilling to see the new chart. Then knowing we had to finish it quickly so we can stay caught up. I did finish mine see pic below. Also there is a mystery SAL for 2018 that has started. That FB group is Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL. I am trying to get my material for that one now. So if you like cross stitching there are a numerous of groups out there to join and meet new people who share your addiction. Also today I went to out new local Hobby Lobby that just opened. It will be a true pleasure getting to shop there and not have to travel so far for a craft item. Going to try to do much better at the blog this year!. Maybe the crafts that I like to do as well as the You Tubes I watch and the Facebook, tweets, and Instagram’s don’t keep me away from here.IMG_8449.JPG HAPPY NEW YEAR to my new readers!!


Bible Journal Update

Well I haven’t actually done a lot. But I did however get some tabs. I searched and attempted making my own several times, well like 3 maybe. You get the point. But I finally decided to jump ship and pay a whopping $5 for a set. They are perfect to!! Took me all day to get them little suckers on to! GEEZE. Then I did color the opening of the inside cover of it! I like it. Need to learn how to make the pencils not look like a kid with a crayon!! It has some character now, not so plain looking. I have purchased some Gelatos  for “marking” the inside. Waiting for that big breath to come in so I can plunge in. I hear the Nike commercial everything I think about it. “JUST DO IT” You know what I mean? Thanks for reading.


To bible journal or not to bible journal??

Well, I have decided to start bible journaling. I have pondered the thought for about a month now. To journal or not to journal was eating me up inside. I jumped in!! I purchased my Inspire Bible from Walmart.com. Nicely priced at $14.84. This bible already has over 400 pages ready for color. Then there are lots for your own designs. I didn’t want to use the bible just as coloring book.

DSCF2327IMG_7280It is a creative way to journal your prayer time in a creative way. There are tons of entries on the big www showing lots of beautiful art. Hopefully my art will become that beautiful one day. But if not it’s ok and God will still love me. I don’t have a bible study plan yet but I am seeking. Pinterest has some great ideas for steps and process and helps. SO I plan to start there to. Facebook has several groups to join for lots of support also. So with fingers crossed and I will find a great routine to learn to do my bible study and be creative along the way.

Facebook Group links: https://www.facebook.com/groups/inspiredandcreative/




19 Days and Counting Down to Summer

Its almost that time again for the final bells of school to ring. I am looking forward to a nice vacation of sleeping late. Actually I think I will even stay up past 9pm. I haven’t set a goal for any summer projects yet. I like to have something to keep me busy. I don’t like idle time. Being somewhat productive is nice. I know I will be an official dog sitter of my two sweet puppies! I will be saying goodbye to several of my students on my bus. They will be headed toward high school. I wish them all well in all of their new beginnings. I have been their bus driver for 1 year. I worked every day that school was open. Never missed a day. I am also looking forward to seeing the kids again next year. I am sure I will lose some to them moving somewhere off my route. But I am truly looking forward to more quiet days.


NetGalley & Book Reads & More

I did join NetGalley and I received a member reader button. I hear it changes the more you read. I have read one book from there. It was called The Empty Chair by Penny Goetjen. It is still available to read if you haven’t gotten it yet. It was a nice mystery read about a daughter looking for her mother. Thats all I will say It was a good book to follow and in a great setting of the Carribean. I have others that I have requested and received, A Margin of Lust by Greta Boris and, If The Creek Don’t Rise by Leia Weiss. I haven’t started them yet because I am half way through Heartless by Marissa Meyer. She is the queen of The Lunar Chronicles. I will be obtaining the rest of them here from Book Outlet. They are Cinder, Scarlet, Winter, Fairest, Stars Above. I have also been told that I should try Dorothy Must Die series by another avid reader. I have read that they are a take off of Dorothy after Oz. I will have to check them out. Along with all of my other hobbies I try to keep active in numerous things, sometimes maybe to much. I have also completed my 3rd monthly quilt block. I am also looking forward to the 12th one! Thanks Sally & Joyce for the fun travels to Marietta to Tiny Stitches to obtain these beauties. I am always looking forward to our travel day. Ok I got plenty to do so off to the hobby world!

Goodbye 2016 (soon)

We are about to embark on a new year. So with that said my new year thing is to love my self more, craft more, read more, do a much better filing of computer files and pictures than 2016 and before. I am starting a 2017 Good Reads book challenge. I have added a lot of new book to my list. Hopefully I will succeed. I have also joined Netgalley to incorporate more new reads to my library as well. I am starting a memory journal where I plan to jot down thoughts of the day as well as what happened. Wish me luck on the woman “Dear Diary” concept! I never got into the adult coloring books. Not saying I won’t, but so far its not in my future. I plan on crafting more to. Along with that I am still scrapbooking and love it dearly. I am hoping that me and my family relationships will grow stronger with the new year coming. Thanks for the thought to read here. Look for me soon to be blogging about the new book reads!


Summer… Where did it go??

Well, the summer time off is slowly declining.  😦   The sounds of school buses, school bells, kids on the streets will diminish to evening times. It’s somewhat bittersweet but yet a little satisfying. I personally had a great summer. And I still have almost 4 weeks before I HAVE to get up at 5am… Yeah not happy about that time by no means. I started my summer break with attacking my dining room walls. Yep I tackled a paint job. After 3 audio books and 1 gallon of Kiltz and 1 gallon of cream paint that much needed task became finished. And it is so much brighter and prettier. I have decided to paint the pantry door the same color also. Just haven’t gotten that done yet. I WILL I PROMISE!!!

Don’t let me forget what the neighbor trashed!! Well this was tossed on the side of the road. Just before a monsoon rain came I rescued it. Then I tackled it for days in the carport. Primed and painted it diligently. Then I accepted a final color. White of course. It was almost a week before I finally moved it into the house. I was still working on the dining room!! After getting that completed the hutch arrived. I them made it feel much better by giving it some nice things to display!! What ya think? Thanks to my neighbors. One mans trash turned into treasure. Hey what ya got out on your street?

IMG_5710 IMG_6033

Thanks for reading, Victoria



Can I just say to start, YAAAHHHOOO!!! Summer time is almost here for us bus drivers. If your one you know what I am talking about. Well, Finally for me some time off. Yes, I will be sleeping past 6am!!! Its been pretty hot thus far on the big ole yellow tin can… I tell the kids every afternoon last week and so far, “Step into my easy bake oven”. No we don’t have air conditioner on the bus I am on. But who knows what the future will hold. Wish me luck readers for a full time hire position before August 10. Why that date? Well, it will be the first day of the 2016-2017 school year. Umm yeah?? This is a new chapter for me and so far since January 2016 it hasn’t been bad. Well I thought the world ended when I was trying to take the written portion of my CDL testing. Geez, that was tough and I am not ashamed to admit it. But any way that part is over. So yes I will say again looking forward to summer time. I plan to remodel and paint the craft studio, paint the dining room, baby sit the garden, re-finish a nice hutch I found by the road side, learn a new recipe or two. And some where in the busyness I plan on updating the sandbox for the dogs into a nice fire pit for this fall. Look out scores here I come. Then I plan on getting in some good reads or audible books to. Got to finish the Veronica Roth Divergent series, and the Gillian Flynn series. Ok enough for now you all have a great summer!! Victoria